Superfast Broadband is on its way!

In January your Parish Council lead a small campaign to get people to register an interest in Superfast broadband. Now from the Openreach Web site: 

Status: Coming soon

Your area will be enabled within the next six months and we'll provide more details nearer the time. At the moment you can't order Superfast Fibre.


While this is very good news however this only applies to residents "feed off" the green cabinet next to the Village sign. It currently does not include houses to the left of the sign within the inter core such as the Fox for example. Also people longer than approximately 1km of cable run will not benefit from the speed improvement as this falls rapidly with distance from the cabinet. You can check the status of your line using

Some people are lobbying BT that when the Green Cabinet is upgraded to Superfast broadband that they also improve the local network connections, effectively moving the intercore locations to be routed of the cabinet so that they can also enjoy SFBB. In that case, they would then get close to the maximum speed. 

Pete Smyth